ePub MD Viewer is an application for quickly open and read book files in ePub format. It can also quickly open MD (Markdown) files with the same render quality as in GitHub.

This is the epub-md-viewer.com (and former epubviewer.xyz and mdviewer.com) landing page

The need for this application arise from the fact that other applications are either too slow, do not have a good render quality or are extracting the book on disk and do not delete it after (such as the defunct Edge). Also, for other similar applications it is not easy to change the font and the font size for the whole book, there are always some parts which remain different than the others. So, the idea was to have an application that can be used to quickly open (then preview and close) a book by double clicking on it in a folder with a lot of books. However, if a book will be selected by the user to store its customizations, the bookmarks and the display settings will be saved on disk (in the operating system provided location).


ePub MD Viewer is written entirely in Electron, and so it can work on different platforms, download the version corresponding to the user platform. Currently, only the Windows application is available:


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